Suggested applications:

  • Dynamic Schlieren imaging
  • Shadowgraph image analysis
  • High speed imaging including ​hypervelocity free-flight studies
  • Spray analysis and fuel injection studies


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​​Our off the shelf range of high voltage units deliver flash pulses with a duration from 250ns up to 10ms (at half peak width) depending on the model.


PalFlash Model Range

Light source: Open high voltage electrode spark gap operating in argon or air
Fixed flash duration at half peak width (energy): ≈300ns (2 joules), ≈500ns (4 joules) or ≈750ns (6 joules)
Interchangeable optical outputs: Uncollimated, collimated, Schlieren head & fibre optic coupling

SensiFlash Point Source Range
Light source: Xenon short arc (5mm) point source
Low energy unit
Adjustable flash duration at half peak width (energy): ≈50µs (25 joules) to ≈300µs (150 joules)
High energy unit
Adjustable flash duration at half peak width (energy): ≈200µs (75 joules) to ≈2ms (750 joules)
Interchangeable optical outputs: uncollimated, collimated, Schlieren head & fibre optic coupling​

​SensiFlash Ring Lamp Unit
Light source: Xenon ring lamp for area illumination
Adjustable flash duration (energy): ≈2ms (300 joules) to ≈10ms (1500 joules)
Optical output: Uncollimated.

All flash units are suitable for synchronisation with

a wide range of cameras.

​​​​​​​​Pulse Photonics has over 35 years’ experience in the research and development of scientific lighting and imaging solutions. We market our own range of high power, short duration flash lighting units for use in conjunction with scientific and industrial cameras. We also work on bespoke projects for clients in the aerospace, military/defence, academic and industrial sectors.  Our electro-optic expertise enables us to take their concepts through all stages of design and development from prototyping through to in-house manufacture.

We specialize in a diverse range of lighting solution from fast pulsing LEDs used in microscopic particle flow analysis to high speed / high intensity discharge flash lighting used in hypervelocity free-flight studies.  Along with our standard lighting solutions we can build point-source or area illumination units to meet our clients' specific applications.

Pulse Photonics has an extensive skillset in designing non-standard line-scan CCD & CMOS digital camera for use in machine vision, as well as interface systems to integrate them.
In addition to custom-built cameras we construct optical systems such as Schlieren imaging rigs. These are used with a light source and camera to visualize density variations in transparent media.


  • Innovative optical and mechanical solutions
  • Bespoke prototyping / equipment manufacture
  • OEM products
  • Circuit designs: schematics / layout
  • Assembly services: PCB (hand soldering)